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Biographical Sketch 
The Chandlers 

Strong family musical backgrounds in their formative years have contributed to the success of two wonderful individuals.  Their musical upbringing and experience in church singing from very early ages have given them the jump start into the ministry that they now enjoy whole-heartedly. 
The Chandlers travel in a ministry of singing and preaching conducting concerts, revivals, camp meetings and conferences.  Their travels have taken them all over the United States, Canada, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, and the Philippines.  
Tim grew up in the home of a pastor and family where singing and music was the norm.  Each family member was gifted in their own unique way to sing and play instruments for the glory of God.  The youngest of six children, Tim says he only watched what the others were doing and followed suit, He started playing instruments in church at the age of seven.  It was soon obvious that he had a gifting from the Lord that was being developed in the arena of the church. 
Lana’s musical career started an even earlier age.  Performing in her first concert appearance at the age of 3 and appearing on her first recording at the age of 5, she began a life of ministry that God would prove to use in many ways and places.  Her family group, the Jellisons, received national exposure while traveling in an evangelistic ministry for over 30 years.  The experience she received in the thousands of services, concerts, camp meetings and conferences has  given her a confidence and command of the stage.  It has further continued to forge a rock solid determination to make her gift a ministry and not just a talent.  
The Chandlers began their musical career together when Tim joined The Jellisons in 1991.  Tim sang and played the bass and keyboard for the group. In 1992, they were married and continued their ministry with the family group.  In addition to the recordings made with The Jellisons, he has recorded two piano instrumental projects. Tim has also produced several recordings for other groups. 
They have been blessed to share the stage with such groups as: Brian Free and Assurance, Karen Peck and New River, Lulu Roman, The Kingsmen, The McKameys, The Hoppers, Jason Crabb, Michael English, The Freemans, and others.  They have also been privileged to perform on the main stage at the National Quartet Convention, Singimg in the Sun, and Dollywood Theme Park.  Their songs have made their way to the charts of several mainstream industry magazines, including the Singing News Magazine.. 
They travel with their two daughters, Tiffany age 23 and Lyndsey age 18.  Tiffany is also a singer, songwriter, and a musician.  
Their ministry, based in Greenfield, TN, is being a blessing to thousands in as many as 175 dates a year.  You may contact The Chandlers at P.O. Box 152, Greenfield, TN  38230.   Their ministry website, features an online store where you can hear samples as well as purchase their music and view their schedule.